VirtuaMD Concierge& MediSpa offers a number of skin tightening to work from the inside out – from deep below the surface of the skin – to return a more youthful look by smoothing, tightening, lifting and firming the skin. Our clinicians can work with you to customize a treatment plan that can help you meet your skin tightening goals.


Exilis Elite takes skin tightening to the next level with virtually pain free, noninvasive treatments. The technology of the newly upgraded Exilis Elite uses safe Radio Frequency energy to stimulate the production of collagen, tightening skin to reduce the appearance of sagging, loose skin, minimize unsightly jowls and promote a more vibrant, youthful look.
This FDA Approved treatment has the only device combining Monopolar Focused RF, ultrasound and Advanced Cooling in a single handpiece. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment with zero downtime. That means, no anesthesia and no pain! The treatment is so fast, you can do one on your lunchtime and get back to your day with no major side effects! You may notice a slight redness after the treatment, which should disappear in less than 2-4 hours.
The Exilis Elite achieves skin tightening by rejuvenating collagen through a patented duel energy system called Collagen Refill Technology(CRT). New collagen is what improves wrinkles, gives you the smooth texture, elastic quality and beautiful radiance of youthful skin. Clients often see results right away. Over time and with follow-up procedures, your results will be even more visible as new collagen develops and wrinkles smooth out.

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Near Infrared Skin Tightning

The NIR module uses Near Infrared technology, a safe infrared light that heats the tissue under the skin’s surface, tightening skin laxity and improving skin architecture. The NIR handpiece stimulates the infiltration of fibroblast and the formation of new collagen, enhancing the tightening effect and helping to bolster the skin against future aging. The presence of healthy collagen in the dermis helps maintain the skin’s youthful resiliency and texture.

The NIR successfully treats and tightens the skin on the face and neck as well as:

  • Improving skin quality of décolleté
  • Skin tightening of body
  • Laxity of post-pregnancy abdominal skin
  • Laxity of buttocks and knees

The NIR handpiece is used in conjunction with Alma Laser’s patented IN-Motion technology for virtually pain-free treatment. Patients will typically require a series of treatments over a period of several months, with each treatment lasting 30-40 minutes. Treats most skin types and ethnicities. Most patients experience no downtime and immediately resume their daily routine.

Pellevé Wrinkle Reduction System

The Pellevé System effectively treats facial wrinkles by delivering constant, gradual radiofrequency energy deep into the skin, causing heat to build up where the skin and fat layer meet. The increasing heat modifies the collagen bundles deep in the skin, causing contraction and stimulating the growth of new collagen over time. The result: firmer, tighter, younger-looking skin. Unlike expensive surgery, there is virtually no pain and no downtime. In fact, patients who have had a Pellevé treatment say it feels like a warm facial massage.

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