At AvanceMD, we seek to provide truly personalized medicine.  We have unique expertise in traditional advanced medicine as well as integrative, functional, and Optimal-aging medicine.  With decades of experience in analyzing advanced laboratory technology we can give you answers you may never receive from routine preventative care.  Whether it is consultation or full membership we help provide options that both compliment and extend above and beyond what is offered by your other health care providers.  An experience with us will be life changing.


Comprehensive, Preventive Approach To Healthy Living

At AvanceMD, we think about medicine differently. Prevention is the name of the game in our office. We want to take the time to listen to your story, for as long as you need to create a comprehensive plan that fits your goals and your lifestyle needs. We’re here to be your guide in disease prevention not just treatment. We will guide you through the world of information on the internet, providing advice on nutrition and supplements, medications, which diet makes sense based on your individual genes and personal desires.  We will analyze your current medications and discuss risks benefits of each and help you reduce medication if that is your goal. We will help you determine which preventive tests make sense based on your personal story. Ultimately, we want you to live a long, healthy, happy life.


Global Medical Concierge Services

We offer global tele-medicine services so that you can communicate with our top doctors from anywhere in the world. This additional service is through an award winning platform which is 100% secure tele-health platform provided through:  MD21Global. Through this global platform we offer advanced technologies and private Electronic Health Record , including remote blood-testing, remote blood and genetic analysis.

Patients have option to receive in depth laboratory screening to detect hormonal deficiencies, but at the same time will have an extensive analysis of cardiovascular risk. We also offer hormone assessment and testing for women during various stages of their lives, child bearing years, peri-menopause and beyond, and so much more.


Innovative Medical Weight Loss

We have developed an approach to weight loss that brings together years of clinical experience.  There is no “one diet fits all”.  We work with you to first understand if there are any medical reasons you struggle to meet your weight goals (thyroid disease, prediabetes, insulin resistance). We then help address those root causes of weight problems with personalized diet, supplements or medications (if needed or desired).  By personalizing your program based on your unique genetics we can help you achieve long lasting results .


Advanced Lab Testing

We go beyond traditional testing as we  recognize “cholesterol” and “glucose” screening frequently does not accurately detect true risk for disease.  In fact, cholesterol may not even matter that much at all! We have access to the most cutting edge technology and use the best labs available in the country and the world.  Dr. Dall will provide a comprehensive analysis of your labs either in person or telephonically.  As a leading expert in this field, with more than 20 years clinical experience doing advanced lab analysis in her award winning clinic, you will receive the highest level of subspecialty care.  We continually seek out the highest quality laboratories to perform services.  In fact, some testing may not provide clinically useful information as the test itself does not have the sensitivity and specificity it needs to be clinically helpful.  Some laboratories cut corners on quality.  We want to help patients wisely spend health care dollars on only those tests that will change our action plan.


Advanced Lab Analysis

Laboratory tests we may recommend include:

  • Apo B
  • NMR lipoprofile ( LDL Particle number and size)
  • Lipoprotein (a)
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Genetic testing for MTHFR and other coagulation tests
  • Vitamin analysis
  • Sterol testing
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Metabolic markers
  • Thyroid screen (not just a TSH)
  • Diabetes screen (beyond glucose)
  • Gut microbiome analysis, urinary or salivary hormone and adrenal testing
  • Genome testing & Analysis
  • Work up for autoimmune disease (lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia)
  • Obesity, Cardiovascular genetic testing
  • 23 and me in depth assessment

Lipid Clinic Consultations

Dr. Tara Dall is a board certified Lipidologist with expertise in managing complex “cholesterol” disorders, diabetes, and pre-diabetes.  She is available for second opinion, ongoing consultation or full concierge service to diagnosis, treat, and manage patients.  Her successful previous practice was nationally recognized as the first fully certified lipid clinic in the country.  She understands the many treatment options now available including the new PCSK-9 inhibitors. Statins may or may not be the right therapy for patients.  Depending on what is driving the problem there are several other treatment approaches and Dr. Dall is able to provide both traditional and integrative approaches to therapy. It is not required to be a concierge patient to receive lipid clinic services. She is available in person or virtually through our proprietary web based platform.


Personalized Nutrition

We believe strongly that food is powerful medicine and we want to make this a cornerstone of your healing.   We also believe that much of what you have been taught about nutrition in the past may not be the most up to date understanding of the science nor the approach that will work for you. We do not believe in a “one diet fits all” approach. We understand how lifestyle and genetics work together.  As part of our discovery, you may choose to do a deeper dive into your genetics through more comprehensive genome testing, microbiome gut health assessment, blood and nutrient analysis or environmental toxin exposure.   All of these factors are critically important to consider and our providers stay up to date on the newest scientific discoveries.   We also understand you have personal choices that need to be considered and we want to work with you to make this a lifestyle change you love and want to stick with.


Genius Genetic Testing

The Genius Genetic Testing is the most comprehensive genetic testing available.  This allows us to fully analyze and personalize your treatment. We can also used your existing genetic raw data (for example 23 and me or ancestry) and develop a treatment or weight loss plan as well as mental and preventive treatment plans.


Personalized Care, Insurance Free

We don’t take insurance which means that we have the ability to spend more time with you and provide you with truly personalized health care.  Patients are paying higher and higher deductibles and we want you to spend your dollars wisely. Ask us how to use your Heath Savings Account (HSA) to cover annual concierge fees.