With our in depth advanced lab analysis, early identification of those at risk for heart disease and diabetes, the number one drivers of cost in our health care system, we believe we will make a difference and save health care dollars.  Early identification is the key to effective prevention.  We have the tools to reverse and treat these diseases.


As patients with AvanceMD™, your employees have the convenience of concierge-type care as an affordable supplement to your existing insurance benefits.

We Offer A Comprehensive Wellness Program

Our international expertise in advanced biomarker testing makes us unique and second to none. We are able to undercover risk for heart disease and diabetes years before traditional screening with glucose or cholesterol screening will. We then have the tools to prevent these diseases.  Imagine if your employees could have a crystal ball telling them that they may develop pre-diabetes or heart disease in the next few years, if they don’t change their lifestyle now. Imagine how that information could change their lives. Well, you don’t have to imagine, at AvanceMD we access the technology and the expertise to do just that.

Small Claims Never Hit Your Renewal Rates

Because we take care of your staff in our office and we do not additionally bill insurance, small claims won’t be a part of your insurance claims and therefore won’t contribute to increasing your premium renewals at year end.

We Reduce ER Visits

Our providers are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via phone, email or video conference. This means that before your employees make a trip to the emergency room, at a cost of around $1,000, because they don’t know the severity of their injury or illness, they can call or video conference with one of our health care providers as your first line of defense against unnecessary and costly ER visits.

We Reduce Urgent Care Visits

Much like the reduction of Emergency Room visits, because we have extended office hours, we act like urgent care for our patients. With a conventional practice, your staff may not  be able to get in to see a physician for a week or two. That difficulty getting in means that in order for your staff to get back to work, they need to make a costly urgent care visit.

Our guaranteed same-day or next-day appointment scheduling allows your staff to avoid urgent care and get back to work quickly.


At AvanceMD™, we know that the time and energy you put into choosing exceptional health benefits for your employees translates into higher retention and a happier, healthier and more productive staff. Ensure that your efforts in providing benefits don’t go unnoticed as a member of our practice.

We Offer A Comprehensive Wellness Program

Our Wellness Program comes straight from our AvanceMD physician and instead of spending thousands of dollars for a one-day testing and wellness fair, you can provide a preventive wellness program that lasts 365 days a year. As a Company Member of AvanceMD, everyone in your company gets customized care to make them feel better every day.

Online patient portal

At AvanceMD, we provide opportunity for virtual visits from our providers as well as our community of experts both locally and around the world.  We provide a secure patient portal for your employees to have easy access to their medical record and health goals 24 hours a day.  We want our patients to become engaged in prevention and we believe we have the tools to inspire and encourage lifestyle change.

No Copays or Coinsurance

By giving your company access to AvanceMD, your staff will see significant savings in coinsurance and copays. Because we don’t bill insurance, the majority of our care won’t hit your employees’ deductibles. We also don’t charge a copay when our patients come into our office, so you can pass on significant savings to your employees out-of-pocket costs.

Peace of Mind

At AvanceMD, one of the biggest benefits we can provide to you and your staff is peace of mind. We want to give your company the assurance of knowing that we’re here, day or night, as your health guide and advisor. We want to help you demonstrate to your employees how much you appreciate them by letting us provide care unlike any they have experienced before.   We know how to identify root causes of disease that makes people less productive, fatigued, less than their best.  We don’t put bandaids on problems like “high cholesterol”.  We seek to discuss what is really driving their risk, what is making them feel tired a few hours after eating, or what is making them struggle to lose weight.  We guarantee your employees will feel in more optimal health under the care of our AvanceMD team.

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